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Inside-T Outputs

O1. Inside-T


The project curriculum is a methodological document- guides the development of Best Multimedia Practices (O2), Course (O3), e-tools (O4) and platform (O5) activities.

O2. Inside-T

Multimedia Best Practices

Catalog of multimedia documentaries that portray and illustrate real success stories of intergenerational learning that has led to the entrepreneurship of unemployed young adults in the area of preservation of culture and heritage in rural areas with tourism potential.

O3. Inside-T


The Course is an opportunity to empower and develop the capacities of adult educators and trainers to ensure their role in linking the needs of adult learners from diverse social backgrounds to share key values.

O4. Inside-T


The learning material consists of 2 components: 
1) content-based, integrating modules and units (Manual);
2) activity-based part, which includes interactive tools to facilitate the participants connection with the course.

O5. Inside-T

E-Learning Platform

This intellectual output provides the development of the Inside-T platform and the programming of e- tools (self-assessment, collaborative network, creative lab).
The platform is built from an open-source platform, such as Moodle and it is user-centered.

O6. Inside-T

Guidelines for VET Providers

The Guidelines for VET Providers introduce the Inside-T rational, aproach for target audience and illustrates how to use flexibly the assets in the Inside-T pack. Also presents the session plans for the modules and units of the training programme to be applied in full and suggestion of activities that adult educators/trainers can use in their training activities, taken from the Course. 

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Jane Doe

This project [2019-1-PT01-KA202-061451] has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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