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Large parts of the European territory are rural areas and there is still about 30% of the continent’s population living in these locations. Rural areas in particular in remote locations still face diverse economic and demographic challenges.

Ageing and migration are serious concerns leading to deterioration in the operational environment of the business community. Labour shortages (quantitative and qualitative) may deter investment. New local-based businesses, promoted by young unemployed adults, especially women, who take advantage of the heritage of ancestral and traditional activities, adding marketing innovation and the use of new technologies could be potential solutions in some cases for the problem of a shortage of appropriate local job opportunities. As such, INSIDE-T aims to promote intergenerational learning and the development of professional skills in young unemployed adults, especially and women, to increase ocial sustainability in tourism in low density territories (rural areas).

Aligned with this, INSIDE-T wants to break the negative social and economic beliefs on the future of low density territories.

We are helping people to develop enterpreneural professional skills

The project is intended for VET providers and trainers, animators, and social educators that will embrace a final target facing the greatest difficulties in finding employment, with priority being given to young unemployed adults, especially women, graduates or not, with or without training, women job seekers, job seekers from urban areas that want to try new life experiences in rural areas and job seekers in rural areas.

The potential stakeholders of the project will be Vocational Training Centers, Schools, Universities, Companies, Community Centers, Social and collective Associations, Professional Associations, Tourist Routes, Tourism Schools, Local Development Associations, Regional and local authorities and Local Creative Industries. 

By achieving its aim, the INSIDE-T project will be a huge step towards a more ambitious fostering of entrepreneurial mindsets and innovation and business creation,  improving the economic situation of unemployed people. Creating their own job opportunities, based on traditional occupations/crafts at risk of disappearing, cultural heritages, authentic rural activities through intergenerational learning, these targeted people will develop a more positive personal situation in sustainable rural areas.



Promote a Blended Training Package

Address challenges young unemployed adults face in transforming their situation in small sustainable business models, towards social sustainability in low density territories.


Create Interactive Tools

Reconnect and engage generations through the connection of young unemployed adults to seniors in low density territories in Europe.


Provide an Intergenerational Learning Platform

Provide unemployed people with an intergenerational interactive learning platform containing all training material.


Create Guidelines

Create and deliver guidelines for the use of Inside-T pack for VET providers.


This project [2019-1-PT01-KA202-061451] has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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